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ClubNITE and De Noorderlingen Present 2PERFORM!

We invite you to join us weekly to enhance your performing skills on our floor. Our workshops draw inspiration from the themes of NITE and Club Guy & Roni. As always, we offer flexible participation—come whenever it suits you, though we hope to see you every week!

These workshops will be led by Cynthia de Vries (NITE) and Nicole Cain Bakker (De Noorderlingen). They will guide you through various performance styles, including text, improvisation, movement, and body work. We also focus on developing your artistic vision by creating your own performances, both individually and in groups.

Join us and take your performance skills to the next level!

The lessons are every Wednesday between 18:30 and 20:20.

Day pass: € 7.50
4-class pass: € 17.50