Swan Lake: The Game - Digital Experience

Swan Lake: The Game - Digital Experience

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Digital access to one of the Swan Lake online experiences @ NITEHOTEL.ORG.

Please note:
- Your access is valid for the selected 
time slot only.
- Buy a ticket at least 30 minutes before the start of the online show.
- If you've bought multiple tickets your code will be valid for multiple computers. If you want to watch with a group it's okay if you buy only one ticket. We still LOVE you. 
- Swan Lake The Game works best with a desktop computer, Chrome browser and lots of snacks ;)
- Times times are expressed according to CEST

Questions or contact? Check clubguyandroni.nl/swanlake-faq


The online dates and timeslots correspond with our offline tour.
Your actions in Swan Lake the Game influence the performances in the following theatres:

20/10 - 23/10 - Groningen, NL
28/10 - 31/10 - Rotterdam, NL
04/11 -  Enschede, NL
14/11 + 15/11 Karlsruhe, DE
18/11 + 19/11 - Utrecht, NL
26/11 - 28/11 - Eindhoven, NL
04/12 - 06/12 - Den Haag, NL